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Launching your first podcast after months of planning and hard work, just to see your podcast under perform or miss the mark entirely isn’t just frustrating, it’s embarrassing – and it can have a lasting negative impact on your organizations image.

It’s not just about getting good sound. A successful podcast needs good strategies, too. From marketing and growth to audience engagement and monetization, your podcast needs are greater than you imagine.

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Owner / Senior Engineer

Tanner Campbell

Tanner is a native New Hampshirite and lover of literature and lost cultures. He has hosted a number of successful podcasts enjoys serving the podcasting community as a thought leader.
Sales / Engineer I

Lou Lockwood

Lou hails from off-the-grid North Idaho where she grew up sailing, skiing, eating home-grown potatoes, and wandering the woods. Now she does mostly all the same things in Maine.
Senior Composer

Nico Vettese

Ex-mathlete turned music composer. Nico’s professional career started in podcasting – it has been the foundation of his experience. Nico is a Grade 8 Composer living in England.

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