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We’re Podcast Engineers And We Edit Podcasts. We Also Master And Produce Them.

You’re a podcast host, you sit behind a microphone and you tell stories, but really what you are is a podcast Producer. You’re the one with the vision – both creator and executor – and you’ve got a lot on your plate. Unfortunately, if you’re a small-time podcaster, you’re likely also the audio engineer – and friend, we know it, you don’t have to tell us: that’s probably not your favorite part of the job because it’s not the fun part and it’s probably not the part you’re good it.

In today’s podcast market you have to sound good, better than good! You have to sound the best you can, because those big budget shows are going to bury us little folks if we can’t bring the same level of quality to the listeners – they’ll set the bar so high the rest of us won’t be able to reach it, and that’s a problem. You can’t be the best Producer you can be while fighting to be a mediocre audio engineer. We edit podcasts because it takes the burden off of you and frees you up to focus on content and become a more effective Producer.

“Working with Tanner and The Portland Pod has been a wonderful experience. Before I found them, I was spending an inordinate amount of time editing my podcast, wrangling contractors and sometimes doing a haphazard job of it myself. The Portland Pod removed that stress from my life. They’re efficient, organized, helpful, and a joy to work with.”


Lata Nott

The Newseum Institute, Washington D.C.

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