About the Portland Pod

We’ve been creating podcasts out of Florida for a long time, but we got tired of the hurricanes, the humidity, and the oppressive heat so we packed things up and moved to Maine… in the middle of December. When the snow melted and our eyes thawed out, we saw that there weren’t any podcast studios in our new home – so we decided we would build one.

Now we’re using our years of podcasting, music production, and production experience to help creative individuals and local businesses in Maine find their voice through podcasting. It’s fun and we love doing it.

We offer monthly editing packages for podcasters as well as businesses and can provide you with access to the studio as well as equipment if you are in need. There are also hourly rates if your needs are irregular and don’t fit into the monthly model. Pricing information can be found if you click here.

Proudly hosted at SoPoCo.Works

Being the first podcasting studio in the entire state of Maine feels really good, and when we had the opportunity to partner with the first co-working space in South Portland – how could we resist a teaming up of firsts!?

SoPoCo.Works is a co-working space like no other in Greater Portland as it is intentionally trying to build a community of media professionals – the offices surrounding the Portland Pod are filled with all manner of talented individuals from vidographers and graphic designers to digital animators and website developers – there’s no higher density of media talent located anywhere else in the area, and we were all to happy to be part of that environment.

Looking forward to the future

There’s nothing more exciting than a new endeavor and as we begin to offer services and lay roots down in Maine, we have only the most positive vision of the future and faith in our success as Maine’s first Podcasting Studio. Hope to see you soon, take care.