We’ve finally launched PodPerfectQA

If you edit podcasts for a living, you know that the most “omg-hurry-up-I-have-other-projects-to-get-done” part of the work is the final listen. You’ve edited everything, engineered it to your heart’s content, and now you need to listen to it once more to make sure you didn’t miss anything. This is 100% a necessary process, you must QA your work. If you don’t QA it, your client has to, and if your client has to, well… aren’t they paying you to do that? Necessary as it is, it still eats up about an hour of your time.

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BusyBox: Editor, Podcasters, or both – you need this thing.

Steve Skilling and his team have formally launched something we in the “podcast editing world” have been waiting on for a long time. A battery powered, easily mounted, recording sign that works, isn’t gaudy, and doesn’t suck.

This thing is awesome, really.

The BusyBox is a customizable display sign that can be easily and non-invasively attached to your door, wall, or space ship (if you want… if you have one). Finally you can let people know you’re recording (or studying or streaming or whatever) in a way that isn’t a piece of paper you’ve taped to your office/studio/bedroom door.

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Growing and Monetizing a Podcast in 2020

It’s probably due to the lockdown, but I’ve seen so much bad advice floating around [the various podcasting advice outlets] that I’m beginning to think everyone is a charlatan guru. If you’re looking to create a successful, non-corporate podcast and you need advice, this is the only article you’ll ever need to read on the matter. Let’s get down to basics and brass tacks.

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Landing Big Clients

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Launching a Digital Brand

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