BusyBox: Editor, Podcasters, or both – you need this thing.

Steve Skilling and his team have formally launched something we in the “podcast editing world” have been waiting on for a long time. A battery powered, easily mounted, recording sign that works, isn’t gaudy, and doesn’t suck.

This thing is awesome, really.

The BusyBox is a customizable display sign that can be easily and non-invasively attached to your door, wall, or space ship (if you want… if you have one). Finally you can let people know you’re recording (or studying or streaming or whatever) in a way that isn’t a piece of paper you’ve taped to your office/studio/bedroom door.

It comes in two flavors: Analogue and Digital

Flavor One: Analogue

This one features LED lighting behind a plastic interchangeable insert. You can change the light color, but you’re limited to the inserts which come with the unit — of which there are a few and they may well be enough for your needs (as they are for mine).

The analogue flavor can still be change with the mobile app. The only limitation to it is related to the messaging inserts.

Flavor Two: Digital

This one features an LED screen you can more specifically customize using the accompanying mobile app. This one has all the utility of the Analogue version, but has no limitations as far as what you can put on it.

Both run on a rechargeable battery. The analogue runs for 120-hours on a single charge, the digital just 10-hours. Given that you likely only record a few times a week, the recharging of whichever edition you choose shouldn’t be much of an inconvenience

Currently this is an IndieGoGo Campaign and I’ve been following it for months. You can trust Steve, he’s in production and he’s going to deliver.

I would recommend going immediately to back this project if you’ve been looking for a solution like this — I ordered my analogue version this morning. The digital will cost you $300 and the analogue will cost you $90.

Visit the campaign and order yours today → https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/busybox-smart-sign-for-interruption-free-work

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