Facebook Advertising For Podcasters (A Video Tutorial)

Word of mouth, iTunes reviews, social sharing, it’s all great, but it’s not going to get you to critical mass unless your content is out of this world. You need a slow grind that works in the background and spreads your podcast brand far and wide because here’s the news:

Audience growth isn’t a single step process, it’s a multi step and it takes time. Here are those steps:

  1. Awareness — a person needs to become aware of your existence
  2. Attention — a person needs to have their focus drawn to your content once they know of your existence
  3. Engagement — a person must engage with your content (listen, in the case of podcasts)
  4. Conversion — a person must decide, after having listened to your content, that they wish to buy it (subscribe to it, in the case of podcasts)

The Facebook Ads platform is a confusing beast to many people because they “don’t understand marketing” or they “aren’t ad savvy” or they “don’t understand the platform and think it’s too expensive.” The truth is it’s both easy and effective, and you don’t need to know much about anything to find success by leveraging it.

Below is a video from my course, Creating a Podcast: Concept to Launch, which outlines a beginners strategy to using Facebook ads to grow your listenership.