Inviting Celebrity Guests to Your Podcast (Email Template)

Reading email, for busy people, is regarded in the same way everyone on Earth regards ever having to send a fax: whenever you’re doing it, it is both obnoxious and necessary.

I’m a busy person, though certainly not on the level of a Hollywood Producer or big corporate CEO, and let me tell you what I do with emails longer than ~200 words which are not from people I know or existing clients…

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It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I do not have time to get dragged into a 10 minute read and possible subsequent conversation about something that does not provide immediate (or even long-term) value for me**.

That’s selfish!

Maybe, but it’s also necessary. I have deliverables, deadlines, meetings, proposals, and talks to attend to. I have to be very careful about committing my time to anything that doesn’t serve my clients or my business. You may call it selfish, but many of us call it “the behavior necessary to meet the expectations of those we serve so that we can keep the lights on.”

And if I feel that way, I promise you that a celebrity guest whose time is likely managed down to the minute and who probably has very little time for themselves, feels that way as well. So if you’re going to recruit a celebrity guest, you need to do two things:

  1. Respect their time and
  2. Provide them with value

The below example, while entirely fictitious, is based off of hundreds of successful emails that I have designed for clients and for my own productions.

Morning, Jessica!

My name is Tanner and I host Portland Speaks, a podcast featuring interviews with interesting people living in Maine. I’d love to feature you on an upcoming episode to discuss your new book, “Living and Working in Maine” and am reaching out to check your availability.

If you’d like, you can listen to our latest episode to get a feel for the sort of podcast we are: Portland Speaks

Looking forward to hearing back, Jessica. Thanks for taking the time.


This email does a few things:

  • It informalizes the conversation by using first names, which makes the experience less tense.
  • The length of it is minimal, less than 100-words.
  • It provides value to the target (promoting her book)
  • It provides a way for the target to vet your program (link to your episode)
  • It doesn’t linger on details the target doesn’t need to know about before they’ve confirmed their interest (once they respond, and only if they ask, you can share audience size and demographics with them — they probably won’t ask because they probably won’t care).

Celebrities generally have handlers, so do your research and find out who their agent is and send the email to them. This is really easy to do if you’re willing to spring for a premium IMDB account. If not though, some industrious Googling will do the trick.

Here’s the email in template form.

Morning, {Target’s First Name}!

My name is {Your First Name} and I host {Your Podcast’s Name}, a podcast featuring {a one sentence summary of your podcast’s theme}. I’d love to feature you on an upcoming episode to {something that provides them with value} and am reaching out to check your availability.

If you’d like, you can listen to our latest episode to get a feel for the sort of podcast we are: {Link to Latest Episode}

Looking forward to hearing back, {Target’s First Name}. Thanks for taking the time.

{Your First Name}

And that’s it. Short, simple, sweet. It won’t work all the time, but it will work a lot of the time. It also doesn’t matter if your guest is a celebrity or not, this email converts. Hope you find it helpful and good luck out there!

** It should be noted that I actually do read a lot of my email and respond to as many people as possible but, when pressed for time I have to prioritize and clients have to come first.

If you’d like help working through the creation of your first podcast, consider taking our online course or calling us at 207.295.6039 to schedule a 1-hour consultation. Thanks for reading and take care.

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