Concentrated learning sessions to help you move forward.

A great FREE way to learn about podcasting is to talk with people who do it every day. There are a number of free Facebook groups you can join to learn from others. One of our favorites is the Podcaster Support Group. We even have our own for podcasters living in Maine: The League of Maine Podcasters. Another great way to learn is to learn from us here at the Portland Pod.

Our consultations are best thought of as classes – you’re going to come in with questions and you’re going to leave having learned something that you can apply in your production to obtain a certain result or certain results. You can schedule a a consultation below.


Ask us a few questions about our services and figure out if we’re a good fit for you. Perfect for folks who are curious about us, what we do, and how we might be able to help them, but need more information before making any kind of commitment.


Marketing and Strategy help with an existing podcast. Perfect for those looking to solve just one or two technical, production, or workflow struggles. For example: you need some Facebook marketing help or you’d like an Audiogram tutorial.


Planning and strategy help. Perfect for both beginners looking to be set on a clear path and given a list of things to do and for established podcasters who need help creating a strategy for taking their production to the next level.