Music Composition Prices

If you’re wondering why exactly you would want to consider custom music for your podcast, read this short article from our composer Nico. The long and the short of it is this: your content is best expressed with your voice and in your style, there is no good reason that this concept should not extend to any music you would include in your production.

How would I use custom music?

Your intro, your outro, during section transition, as ambient music behind narration or conversation, for tone setting, for highlighting specific aspects of a story which hold special significance and which focus the listeners attention – the list goes on. 

What is the process like and what do I get for my money?

Glad you asked. Music composition from the Portland Pod (and yes, this is done in-house, we do not outsource this work) is a process that takes a few weeks and includes a number of steering discussions between you and our composer, after which the actual composing process begins. You’ll be checked in with multiple times during the process to ensure everyone is on the same page and in the second week you’ll receive a “rough draft” of your music. At this point you’ll be able provide feedback and ask for changes. Following all tweaking and fine-tuning you’ll be delivered a final product.

Each Podcast Soundtrack includes an intro, an outro, three stingers, three transitions, and two ambient tracks. We also include stems and solo instrument files so that you can mix things up on your own if you should wish to do so – which is a particularly nice add since anything derivative you create will have your sound built in.

Alright, sounds awesome, now how much does it cost?

Well, we can’t tell you. 

No, just kidding, we can. It’s all upfront too, no hidden charges or fees or extra taxes or anything, this is the price for a Podcast Soundtrack. 

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