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Podcast listening apps are a critical part of the greater Podcasting ecosystem and it really chars our bottoms that they so frequently work against the interests of the creators who are the impetus of their necessity. Without Podcasters there would be no podcast listening apps to create, and yet nearly every podcast listening app on the market aims to build-in features that rob Podcasters of the best monetization tool available to them: in-episode adverts and sponsor messages. Well, finally, someone is doing something about that.

RadioPublic (free)

RadioPublic is a drop-dead gorgeous app and there isn’t a single bell or whistle missing from it. It’s also free. It’s also a podcast discovery tool. It also pays podcasters when you use it to listen to their programs.

RadioPublic works a little bit like Pandora or Spotify in that you can find a podcast you like, start listening to it, and RadioPublic will learn topics you like and suggest new podcasts to you, which solves the problem of finding new ones.

It does have ads, but very non-invasive ones. Between each podcast episode you’ll be thanked for listening on RadioPublic and you’ll have to hear a little 10–30 second podcast-related advert, then it’s on to the next episode. There are no ads during episodes unless that particular podcaster has inserted ads into their program on their own.

A podcast with 100,000 listens a month on RadioPublic can earn a monthly income of about $2000 — that’s a big deal as “making it” in podcasting is incredibly difficult due to the highly tenuous nature of all current monetization methods and the high number of content creators utilizing the medium. In other words: podcasts are a free medium and if one fails there are thousands to take its place. It is incredibly difficult to present a solid value proposition in that sort of environment and RadioPublic aims to help.

RadioPublic is a feelgood way to listen to podcasts, so give it a try today and start listening to all your podcasts on it — they’re all there!


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