Podcast consultation

Who am i, and what makes me a podcast expert?

My name is Tanner Campbell and I have been a private podcaster since 2010, a professional Podcast Editor & Engineer since 2015, and am the founder & owner of New England’s first commercial podcast recording studio The Portland Pod (est. 2018). 

My articles have been featured multiple times in both Podcast Business Journal and PodNews, and my studio has been profiled in both Maine Biz Magazine and Podcast Magazine. I also keep a regular Medium publication.

my experience in podcasting is both broad and varied.

I’ve created multiple successful podcasts, built a broadcast network from the ground up, have taught over 400 students in my Creating a Podcast: Concept to Launch and Become A Podcast Editor & Engineer courses, have assisted dozens of businesses in planning and launching new branded podcasts since 2018, and have helped award-winning authors to create their audio books.

what can you expect from a consultation with me?

First, a complete hour. It may even run long, I’m not a stickler for time. Second, targeted advice. I’m not recycling content and reselling it under the guise of “consultation”, the answers and advice I provide will be unique to your needs. You have the latitude to ask any questions you like, regardless of whether they are technical, related to marketing, or entirely about monetization and growth. You’re in control of the conversation. Lastly, you’ll be provided with a video recording of the consult (if you so choose), a useful tool in conveying information to teammates or superiors after the consultation.