Let us make your episodes sound great so you can focus your efforts on production and promotion.

The Portland Pod offers two flavors of Podcast Editing and Engineering service: Commercial and Non-Commercial. Commercial pricing is broken down into Small Business and Medium to Large Business while non-commercial pricing is broken down into Standard and Premium.

+ Commercial Pricing

Small Businesses (soloprenuers see non-commercial)

Businesses with fewer than 5 employees

Medium to Large Business

Businesses with greater than 5 employees
+ Non-Commercial Pricing

Standard Service

Independent Creators and single member LLCs or Sole Proprietorships (no employees)

Premium Service

Independent Creators and single member LLCs or Sole Proprietorships (no employees)

What is included?

All packages include the following:

  • Up to 5 episodes per month
  • Podcast Editing and Engineering
  • Automated Transcription
  • Automated Audiograms
  • Studio Access

Business Packages also include:

  • Fully Custom Audiograms
  • Complete Podcast Management

Corporate and Premium Packages also include:

  • Marketing Assistance
  • Facebook Ads Management

What do all those things mean?

5 Episodes Per Month: An ordinary month has fourth release days in it. Some months will feature a fifth. When these months occur you will not be charged for the extra episode. Outside of these months you are limited to four episodes a month.

Podcast Editing and Engineering: Editing is the removal of mistakes, the shoring up of unwanted silences, and the arrangement of audio on on a timeline. Engineering encompasses all that we do to improve the quality of the audio itself. This is a proprietary workflow that we do not make public but it is done by hand and includes background noise reduction, breath reduction, noise gating, and vocal EQ-ing. We have very good tools, what you get from us is the best possible improvement to your audio.

Automated Transcription: We use an automated transcription tool that creates audio transcripts at ~93% accuracy. We have this created for you so you do not have to worry about paying for it elsewhere. We do not proofread or spell check the resulting transcription but guarantee 90%+ accuracy.

Record in our Studio: Self-explanatory. If you are local, or if you make the trip to South Portland, Maine, you can record in our studio on our equipment. Show up, record, go home, and relax – we take it from there.

Marketing Assistance: We will promote your show on our platforms and work with you to develop an automated promotional strategy so that your podcast audience is always growing.

Facebook Ads Management: We will manage your Facebook Ad campaigns which apply directly to the marketing of your podcast. We will also help you create a strategy for this platform.

Full Podcast Management: Once we have your audio files (whether you recorded them in-house or in your own space) we will edit, engineer, create marketing material, upload, show note, schedule, and promote your podcast. Full Podcast Management requires you be on the Simplecast.com podcast hosting platform.


(If we’re away, your chat will be sent as an email. Either way, we’ll be in touch.)