Podcast Editing and Mastering – Packages and Pricing

If you’re a podcast producer looking to up your game, you’re likely in need of two things: more time and better sound. Our Editing and Mastering service comes in three flavors:

Podcaster: For Podcast Producers looking to free themselves of the labor-intensive chore of podcast editing so they might utilize the extra time focusing on the actual production of their podcast.

Podcaster Plus: For Podcast Producers in need of everything that our Podcaster service offers but who are also looking for a dedicated podcasting space with on-site equipment and engineers.

Commercial: For businesses looking to add podcasting to their larger marketing strategy. This service is reserved strictly for businesses who need content created for them and includes not only dedicated engineering services and access to our studio, but also white glove management of all aspect of the production.

4 Episodes Edited Per Month – We schedule podcasts to release once weekly. Most months have 4.3 weeks in them, which means, occasionally, there are 5 episodes released in a month. This extra episode is included in the 4 episode limit.

Maximum 1.5-hour of RAW Audio – The sweet spot for episode length is, depending on content, between 20 and 45 minutes. This limit applies to the unedited audio that you send us for editing. The uncut version of your audio cannot be longer than 90-minutes.

Loudness Normalization – This includes both peak normalization and average normalization. For more information on the difference between these two sorts of normalization, and for an explanation for why we do it, please read this article on our blog.

Editing for Content and Mistakes – We will remove mistakes, long pauses, and, yes, sharp breath sounds. We will, in the beginning, edit out umms, ahs, and other filler words. Part of working with us, however, is learning to be a more confident podcaster and we will work with you to reduce and eventually completely eliminate your reliance on filler words.

ID3 Tagging (V1.2) – Tagging is a way of inserting metadata into an Mp3 file; information like artist name, album name, release date, and comments. We choose to use ID3 Tagging V1.2 because it has improvements to V1.1. For more information on this please go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3

Monthly Consultation Time – Questions? We’ve got time for you. Even if it’s just to bounce around ideas or provide feedback, you get time each month to let us know what’s on your mind or what you need help with. This time must be scheduled at least 72-hours ahead of time.

Podcaster Plus – For podcasts able to travel to Portland, Maine to record episodes, we provide an acoustically sound environment, four microphones, call capture and recording software, and all the necessary fixin’s for a quality program. We also handle distribution on your behalf and will create some promotional items to help you promote your most recent episode.

Producer – Producer provides all the benefits of Podcaster and Podcaster Plus and is aimed at commercial podcasts. If you’re a local Maine business and you’re looking to develop a podcast, this is essentially a white glove service. Your only responsibility is to show up and be the talent – we do the rest. From website creation and maintenance to engineering to hosting and distribution, it’s all on us.