Podcast Editing

Our Podcast Editing Prices

Our pricing is transparent and fair. You will not find higher quality podcast editing services anywhere.

$200 / episode
The Standard
  • Complete content edit
    • 1 – 2 speakers
    • Up to 60-minutes
  • Engineering
    • EQ for each speaker
    • Sibilant reduction
    • Transient smoothing
    • Breath reduction
    • Spectral & Voice de-noising
  • Audio Repair *
    • Click repair
    • Crackle reduction
    • Rustle reduction
  • Loudness normalization (-16 LUFS)
  • ID3 tagging (with artwork)
  • Automated Transcription (90% accuracy or better)
The White Glove

Includes The Standard and…
  • Human transcription
  • PodPerfect QA Check
  • Custom Audiograms
  • Facebook Ads Program **
  • Monthly growth reporting

* Audio repair is best effort and an audible improvement is guaranteed

** The Facebook Ads program includes the creation, maintenance, updating, and reporting of ads and campaigns related directly to the podcast. It does not include the advertising budget.

Why trust The Pod with your Podcast?

We take pride in our work and are dedicated to giving all projects the same level of professional attention.

Intelligible Sound

The quality bar has been raised due to large media companies getting into the podcasting game. We will make sure you’re not left behind by making sure you audio is the best it can be.

Help Where You Need It Most

You’re not an audio engineer, you’re a podcast creator. You don’t need to learn how to edit and engineer audio, you need a partner who can do that for you so you can focus on your content. That’s where we come in.


Go to bed the night before your publication date and know that, when you wake up in the morning, everything is already handled. Stop obsessing and worrying, put us to work and hold us accountable.