Podcast Setup Service

Podcasts don’t set themselves up, and contrary to what some podcasting services might say – “Start podcasting in one minute!” or “You’ll be up and podcasting same day!”the truth is: there’s a lot of prep-work and a lot of careful planning involved in the launching of a new podcast if you expect it to be successful. 

That’s why we offer our Podcast Setup Service

Our Podcast Setup Service is intended for people looking to start a podcast whom have no idea how to go about doing it, are truly starting at zero, and whom intend their podcast to become a secondary (or even primary) source of revenue. And frankly, that should be everyone because podcasting is resource intensive, requires a lot of time, and is an expensive hobby. Unless you’re wanting to cover your overhead for the entire duration, monetization should be part of your plan – no matter sort of content you produce.

What Does It Cost?

Our Podcast Setup Service is $2000, billed in 50% increments. 50% upfront, 50% once launch-ready 1.

What’s Included?

Everything2. Honestly – soup to nuts, everything you need to launch a successful production.

Format Planning

We’ll work with you to figure out the format of your program. When should it release? How frequently? Are their segments? These questions and others will be answered.

Podcast Name Planning

A podcast by any other name… might very well be terrible. We’ll help craft a name that clearly sets the expectations of those discovering your podcast for the first time on iTunes or any other podcast directory.

Logo, Artwork, and Branding

We’ll create your podcast logo and cover art and help you develop a consistent brand; from colors to emotion to language – all of it.

Social Account Setup

We’ll determine what social media platforms are best for the content you’re putting out and your style of delivery. Then we’ll create your social accounts and brand them for you.

Custom Music Suite

We’ll produce an entire custom soundtrack for your podcast which will develop your own unique sound and reinforce your brand. You’ll get an intro, outro, three transitional tracks, three ambient filler tracks, and three stingers. 

Podcast Hosting Setup

We partner with Simplecast.FM and will configure your hosting account for you. You’ll own this account and will be in control of our permissions to it through Simplecast.FM’s management platform.

Submission and Distribution

iTunes, Stitcher, Google, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and all the rest, we’ll make sure you’re listed.

Website Creation

This is not a typo, we’ll actually build you a website. You’ll have the option to choose between a website provided by Simplecast.FM or a fully customized WordPress website using themes provided by SecondLine Themes. The cost of domain registration is covered in the price of our Podcast Setup Service but the cost of monthly hosting and one-time theme licensing to SecondLine Themes is not.

Marketing Strategy Planning and Implementation

We’ll work with you to create a Facebook and Instagram marketing strategy aimed at maximizing first-month subscriber growth as well as first-year subscriber growth. The cost of maintaining the campaign is not included in the price of the Podcast Setup Service.

How Long Does It Take?

Start to finish, our Podcast Setup Service takes 90-days.

Looking To Get Started?

Awesome. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within 24-hours.


1. We charge 50% upfront because of the number of hours that go into this service. We cannot, as a small two-man commercial podcasting studio, commit ourselves and our production calendar to a 3-month process without partially secured payment.

2. This does not include “the means of production”. You’re responsible for purchasing your own hardware and software, and for having your own content. 

All passwords, all accounts, all of it – you control it all. We will only retain access if, at the end of the setup service, you decide you want to hire us to edit and master your podcast. Also, no royalties on the music we create for you – it’s all yours – you even get stems so you can create remixes and derivative works if you like. The only restriction is that you cannot resell it.