Our Services


More than just a great sounding podcast – a lot more. We take a holistic approach to the podcasts we work with and have a desire to help them with all the moving parts. You’ll receive a range of services, the bulk of which are listed below. These services are provided to every podcast, at no additional cost.


EDITING – Your umms, ahs, likes, etc. Your outtakes, your mistakes, your long pauses, your sneezes, coughs, throat clears, and resets. Editing is the removal of things you don’t want in the final audio file. We also work to reduce reverb and unwanted noise(s) present in your recording environment.

ENGINEERING – This is the manipulation of the sound itself. Perhaps the lower frequencies need to be boosted, or maybe those high frequencies need to be tamped down a bit. Perhaps you have a tendency to inhale sharply and you need those breaths to be reduced in volume. Maybe you express sibilants strongly or create unwanted plosives while recording. Engineering relates to this sort of work.

ARRANGEMENT– Do you need a portion of your podcast episode cut out and put somewhere else? Do you have multiple audio sources and need them to appear in a particular order? Arrangement speaks to this sort of work and is commonly necessary in storytelling podcasts with many narrative elements.

MARKETING ASSISTANCE (click to expand)

AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION – Formatted and checked for errors, with speakers names and timestamps. For use in blog posts, press releases, downloadable transcripts for listeners, and however else you or your company might utilize them

CUSTOM AUDIOGRAMS – Created in Adobe After Effects alongside your existing marketing and branding resources, audiograms help you to promote new episodes by presenting snippets of an episode in a visually stimulating way. These audiograms will be created and provided to your marketing team (and used by us in the marketing we do for you) upon the completion of each individual episode.

FACEBOOK ADS MANAGEMENT – Working within the budget you allot for Facebook and Instagram advertising, we will create campaigns, ads, copy, and resources to promote your show. We strive for growth week over week both in brand connections and in individual subscribers.

SHOW NOTES – To include relevant links, transcription download, mini table-of-contents, and a description that promotes SEO clarity.

REVENUE DEVELOPMENT (click to expand)

REVENUE GENERATION STRATEGY – We’ll work closely with you during the first few months to identify revenue generating opportunities as they pertain to your content and style of production, and move to help you get them stood up. We will then help you develop those opportunities and grow them over time.

REPRESENTATION – Should you desire to place advertisements in your content we will, if you prefer, act as your liaison in the effort to procure advertisers. We will also help you identify potential advertiser/sponsor opportunities and work to develop them with you.

MUSIC PRODUCTION (click to expand)

PRODUCTION OF CUSTOM MUSIC – In-house we will compose unique music to match your brand and specifications. Music will be original composition and will include introduction, outro, transitional, loopable ambient, and narrative underlays. The result is a completely original album of music for use with your production. You own all rights to this music, excepting the right to resell it.


INITIAL CONFIGURATION – If your podcast does not yet exist, we will guide you through planning and creating it. This includes helping you develop artwork and branding elements for it as well as determining its structure and style. When the show is ready to go live, we will manage all the technical aspects of its launch.

EPISODE UPLOAD AND PREP – When an episode file is finished we will upload it to your podcast hosting provider. We will name it in accordance to a convention determined by you, and fill out all the required fields to publish it. This includes uploading artwork, entering show notes and descriptions, inserting links, and anything else required for it to be “ready to go”.

EPISODE SCHEDULING & RELEASE – We take on the responsibility of scheduling all uploaded files for actual release. We may upload multiple episodes at a time and schedule them to release weekly. This puts the actual publication of an episode on a sort of auto-pilot. Episodes are generally scheduled for 3AM of the day you prefer to release.


1-HR OF STUDIO ACCESS PER WEEK – Once per week, on a schedule which will be determined during the on-boarding process – clients who wish to take advantage of our recording facility may do so. We provide the environment, the equipment, and an engineer live in the room during the recording session. This is not a requirement of service with us, it is a perk. You are not required to record in our studio to work with us.