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Something we’re really sensitive to is the trepidation felt by potential clients when they’re shopping around. We’re not used car salesmen, that’s not our thing. In fact, we would go as far as to say that we have zero interest in convincing you of anything. Podcasting sells itself as a marketing strategy and a viable medium for your content, no fancy salesmanship shtick needed.

We know that you want to reach out when you’re ready and that there’s a very high probability of you not wanting any contact with us that you’re not in complete control of. Unsolicited emails, phone calls, text messages – it’s all annoying. We know. 

So here’s how we do things. When you’re ready to talk you can call or you can email – that information is at the bottom of ourĀ home page – but if you want to sit down with us in real life, have a human conversation, and start work on making progress creating or improving your podcast, then you can click this shiny blue button.

When you click that shiny blue button, you’ll get some options, but if you’re new to podcasting or just new to us, you’re only going to be interested in the first option.

1-HR Podcast Consultation ($50)

This is for planning and forming a strategy to get started. Traditionally we have you into the studio for this hour, but we’re also willing to meet wherever you are comfortable – your office or your home, for example. Regardless of the location, the fee is the same. Payment is taken at the same time you book the appointment, so all you have to worry about is showing up with your questions and your ideas.