What's The Cheapest Way To Start A Podcast?

What’s The Cheapest Way To Start A Podcast?

I get this question a lot. A lot, a lot. I don't like answering it because it encourages people to seek a "quick in" into podcast instead of a measured and carefully considered approach. A lot of people seem to think they need to launch a podcast right this second, when the truth is your audience will be there today and it will be there in three months – it's always better to take your time launching a podcast instead of jumping in and figuring it out.

That said, the name of this article is "The Lowest Budget Podcast Kit Ever" so… I suppose I better get to it.

Your Audio Interface Device? Your Smartphone.

Your iOS or Android smartphone is all you need.

Your Microphone? Also Your Smartphone.

Yup. Just your smartphone.

How Are You Going To Record?

Download the Anchor.FM app on your phone and start recording. It's that simple. Invite guests from within the app – be that guest your co-host or your interview guest, or both.

How Are You Going To Edit Your Podcast?

Well you could download your anchor audio and then edit it in Audacity (free) or you could use the Anchor.FM web app to edit your audio.

What About Artwork, Ad Placement, Directory Listings, Et Cetera?

All can be done within the Anchor.FM app. Pretty easily too.

What's all this going to cost? $0

Anchor.FM is a free platform and you already own your phone. There's no startup cost and no on-going cost if you're going to start this way.

So Should You Start A Podcast This Way?

I'm compelled to say no, absolutely not, but that's my top-shelf podcast elitism talking. The truth is: If your content is good and you can earn a bit of income within the first six months from Patrons and selling swag, then you can afford better equipment to record a better show. Maybe after a few months you can afford a Shure MV88 for you and your co-host. Maybe a few months after that you can afford some Shure SM7Bs, a couple of mic booms, and a more mature setup… then the sky's the limit.

Starting a podcast like this is the same as starting a garbage website on Squarespace or Homestead or Geocities (where my old folks at!?): low barrier to entry, anyone can do it, but most people will fail. What matters more than how you start is THAT you start and that you grow from there.