We are Podcast Engineers and Podcast Music Producers

The production team at the Portland Pod is comprised two friends (one located locally in Portland, Maine and the other abroad in Lancashire, England), whose combined skill sets marry the engineering bits of podcasting with the artistic creativity of formal music composition.


Tanner Campbell

Producer and Lead Engineer

Tanner has been producing, writing for, and hosting podcasts since 2010 and has been editing and mastering podcasts for others since 2015. A traditional storyteller and seasoned interviewer, Tanner was born in Concord, NH and currently lives in South Portland, ME.


Nico Vettese

Lead Composer and Musician

Nico has been creating music for podcasts since 2014 and specializes in creating branded soundtracks intended to create a consistent and unique sound for our clients productions. Nico was born in Glasgow, Scotland and currently lives in Lancashire, England.