You Need Podcast Transcription and Here’s A Service That Best Balances Cost and Efficiency

More and more podcast hosting providers are accepting transcripts as part of the episode upload and scheduling process. Take Simplecast for example:

Apple Podcasts, as it happens, has recently made episode summary and descriptions searchable within its native app. While no podcast app yet provides a way to view a specific “transcript area”, it is only a matter of time before:

A. All podcast apps make summary and description areas searchable and

B. The logical jump to include, in what is searchable, a “transcript tab” and everything contained within it.

It’s best then, I think, to start transcribing your podcasts regardless of whether or not you have a place to stick those full transcripts.

That’s old news, we know that. But transcription is expensive.

Sure is., for example, charges $1.50/minute for 99% accurate verbatim, timestamped, and formatted transcriptions.

Damn near $70 per 45-minute podcast episode. If you release weekly, that’s, what? $330 on a long month? Ouch.

I’m not suggesting that price isn’t worth the outcome, that’s your subjective call, but what I will say, categorically and without hesitation, is this:

You don’t need to spend this much money to benefit from the SEO boost transcription can give you — nor is it required to save yourself the time of transcribing your podcast episodes yourself.

And, importantly, in addition to you not needing to spend this much: you probably cannot afford to spend this much. strikes the balance between efficiency and cost you’re looking for

$1.50/min? $300 a month? How about $5/hr and $50 a month? Check out Sonix’s pricing.

If you’re a weekly podcaster with a 45-minute program, you’re paying, if we round up, $5 for a single episode. Call that $25 on a long month (one with five weeks). In addition to the hourly rate, you pay a flat monthly rate of $22 for the Premium plan.

That’s $47 a month for transcription. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

But there are some caveats will format, timestamp, separate speakers, and provide you with, on average, an accuracy rate of 90%.

That means once you get your transcript back, you’ll need to spend about an hour proofing it and, if you so desire, formatting it. For fairness, and good measure, let’s make it 2-hours.

Here’s an example of a transcribed paragraph from one of our clients recent episodes:

I was drafted, actually. Or you were drafted? Yeah. And the war was on really heavy. And they asked me to come into the academy. So I went to the Coast Guard. Academy was what became a 120 day wonder. But about two or three days before we were issued our final commission, they said, because you’ve gotten through this and it was tough to go through, you have to stay four more years. And at that point, I said, look, I mean, I’m drafted. I’ll serve. Right the duration of the war, which was hot and heavy, but I don’t want to be committed to four more years afterwards.

To format that and correct the errors in the transcription, took a few minutes and resulted in this:

Joe: I was drafted, actually.

Greg: Yeah — and the war was really heavy then. They asked me to come into the academy, so I went to the Coast Guard Academy and became a 120 day wonder. But about two or three days before we were issued our final commission, they said, “Because you’ve gotten through this,” and it was a tough thing to get through, “you’ve got to stay four more years.” And at that point I said, look, I mean, I’m drafted, I’ll serve, right through the duration of the war — which was hot and heavy — but I don’t want to be committed to four more years afterwards.

Certainly a little work to fix it up, but not as much work as transcribing the entire episode myself — and that’s the balance of Sonix: Less perfect, less finished, but less expensive.

And for those of you looking just to get the bulk of the transcript correct, leave it unformatted, correct a few proper nouns, and paste it into your episode upload and just be done with it, well then is your perfect solution.

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Hope this was helpful. Take care.